"MechanicuS" is a new performance created by "BS Theatre" team from Moscow . Though "MechanicuS" has been just created , it has already won the hearts of the audience and received the main award on PermInterFest festival in 2016.

This is a fictional story about the nature of light told without any words.

This performance is a combination of different genres, it includes pantomime , clownery , circus elements (such as acrobatics , juggling and equilibristics ).

"Everything is united in the Universe , everything that we see is actually tied up with an invisible thread , just like in the electric circuit. And what would happen to our world if someone forgets to turn on the lamp? Let us introduce you a team with an unusual profession. They turn on the sky lamp, the Sun, the source of our lives. If the lamp is turned off, life stops... So where is the light hidden? Only pure hearts can find the way to it, even if they work on the power station where everything is subordinated to the work of the mechanism."