"The little luminous prince"

Coming soon
in april 2019
premiere in Tartu (Estonia).

Every adult was a child once , whose life was like a wonderful  journey or a flight full of exciting experiences and wonders . 
The little prince is here to tell us a touching story that happened to him in the desert. During the show all the spectators will be immersed into the shining neon space and will be able to go back to their childhood , where the world was full of miracles. 
With our little neon prince you will be able to visit different planets , take a trip to the corners of your own imagination , you will remember your dreams and find new ones. This performance made of modern neon technologies will immerse you into the atmosphere of interstellar journey. 
Our show  will be a great gift for you and for your children , because it is  full of unforgettable memories and feelings. And remember that your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly.
This performance is based on the novel of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
‘Neonshow project’ is a production company which works with a popular neon genre in Russia. Our creators work with modern technologies , they use authentic music and original sound design , they make neon costumes and fantastic videography.