"The Dream"

"The Dream" is a new choreographic performance with elements of comedy created by BlackSquare Theatre. It is a story about an ordinary family who still has a lot of dreams but at the same time it has to deal with human problems. This play is about things that really matter in our lives and how easy it is to forget about them. Sometimes having a happy family is even more difficult than going to an open space. Will our heroes be able to understand each other and accept each member of the family? 
The action of this performance brings a spectator to our heroes' home, 6 m high, and 1,5 m wide. Every day in this house looks alike , the family has to face their everyday problems. Could our protagonists get through it? Will they remember how important it is to fight for your dream every single day, no matter what? 
Director: Yurii Makeev 
Choreographer: Anna Emshanova
Music by: Arseniy Tishin , Boris Rahaev