Neonshow project is the project from the world of modern technologies. 

 We have improved western technologies in our technical department and now we can offer you our unique, emotional and unforgettable performances with luxury neon lights. 

 We are able to create the atmosphere of your event. 

 Neonshow project is the only team in Russia, that can combine 4 images in one costume. It means that during a show one performer can change his outfit several times,  without taking his costume off , without a break and without leaving a stage. We took care that each performance was unforgettable. 

 Now in our repertoire we have real masterpieces which we can create in the real-time. 

 We have improved western technologies  and now we can bring to life what was possible to recreate only on the computer screen.  Our  costumes amaze an audience with flexibility of neon lines that create extraordinary images in the complete darkness.