MechanicuS and BS.Theatre in Tatarstan

4 and 5 June in Perm, an international festival of street theater - PermInterFest 2016.

PermInterFest 2016 is - 200 participants from Italy, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and Russia, 26 creative teams, 60 performances, master classes and discussion platform.

On the open area in Gorky Park in those days it was warm and bright smiles of the guests of the festival, and performing artists. The general atmosphere of mischief prevailed in the park, giving passers-by for a moment to relax: the past run two "hairy angel", sprinkled with confetti guests, the actors draw the audience into a kind of performance.

We brought to the festival of street performance called «MechanicuS». (Director Yevgeny Ax)

«MechanicuS» - the prime minister in 2016 from our BS.Theatre team. Just released, the newborn performance has already found acceptance in the hearts of viewers, taking first place at the festival PermInterFest 2016.

This is a fictional story told without words, on a fictional language. The main theme - a reflection on the nature of light.

The shape of the play is at the junction of eccentrics, mimes and clowns with circus elements (equilibrium, juggling, acrobatics) and interactive finale.

"In the universe everything is one, all connected by an invisible thread, as if in a circuit. What will the world of tomorrow, if today someone just does not light a light bulb? The team cranks wonderful profession - ignitors heavenly lights, the source of life. She goes out and the world will stop. But where lies the source of its light? The road to it can indicate only the heart. How important to remember that, even working at the power plant, where everything is subject to the accuracy of the mechanism. "