Who are we, what is unique?

"Black Square» (BlackSquare) - a creative workshop in which to implement the most unusual ideas. We only do what you want and like first of all to ourselves, what we put our hearts, and therefore will love and you.

We - the so-called artists' original genre. " Here they are, with all your favorite circus and theater - acrobats, jugglers, musicians, hodulisty, organ-grinders, mimes. Art, which is no longer count how many thousands of years. Perhaps it has always been. One of our favorite areas - a mix of genres.

How do you like the appearance of the early morning hodulista with flowers in the yard in front of the window of the beloved?

Now we are working on a completely unique program, which has no analogues in Russia. We are creating the new neon show, where we use modern technologies used at the moment only in the West. See. In the "Neon show".

We know how to make a memorable holiday, anniversary, corporate, birthday, wedding, reunion guests. Together with you, we will come up with and implement the most daring and interesting ideas. If you can not find on our website what you really I would like - write, call, discuss and come up with!

Where we are invited?

We are called to speak in a variety of places - from city festivals held by the Moscow Government, to the hospital, where their husbands take their favorite wives.

We were on the Main graduation ball of the country in the Park of Culture, at the opening of the pedestrian streets of central Moscow,